Who Uses iFill

Compound Prescribing Facilities and their clients have been using iFill since 2013 to order compounded and specialized medications. Using iFill, doctors can securely and precisely create a patient order.  They can see compliance information and improve their ability to provide care with iFill.  

Ordering medications for office or hospital use is fraught with legal and licensing issues.  iFill directly address these complications, so orders can be placed with confidence.

The iFill Client Portal is for patients looking to refill a prescription or review and pay for a new prescription.  It’s specifically designed to be easy, secure, fast and convenient.  Online, 24/7.

Ifill Medicine Cat

For Facilities

Specialty - Emergency - General Practice - Create an account today so you can order compounded and specialized, manufactured medications precisely, quickly, easily and with confidence for office and patients.

For Patients and Clients

Requesting a refill or paying for a prescription that has been sent by your doctor is secure, quick and easy with the iFill Client Portal.

For Suppliers

Join a growing list of suppliers offering their products on the iFill Ordering Platform. iFill focuses on offering the best-of-the-best in terms of quality, safety, potency and value. Contact us today to start a conversation.
You can email us: support@myifill.com or call us: 888-my-ifill

For Pharmacies

GPS, iFill's parent company, offers end-to-end prescription management software for compounding pharmacies. Contact us today if you would like more information about our integrated pharmacy management software. Using GPS, your pharmacy can be directly integrated into the iFill ordering platform.
You can email us: support@myifill.com or call us: 888-my-ifill