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iFill is an end-to-end ordering platform for those who need to prescribe compounds for their clients.  iFill uses the latest technologies to bring the pharmacist, the doctor and the patient together.  A unified, integrated experience allows doctors to be confident in making the best care decisions for their patients.

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Our Story

GPS – founded in 2013

Guided Processing Systems, the parent company of iFill, was founded in 2013 by a team of pharmaceutical compounding, technology and software professionals.  There was, and still is, a tremendous need for technological innovation in the compounding industry.  The iFill team combines decades of industry experience to address the complexity of those needs.  Since its inception, thousands of veterinary facilities have used iFill.  Those facilities enjoy a more complete ordering system, reduced errors and an accelerated process for ordering specialized medications. Additionally, many thousands of patients have relied on iFill to dependably deliver the care they need.  Because iFill is directly integrated into the pharmacy’s prescription management system, prescribers and individuals alike have unprecedented access to compounded medications.

With employees around the nation and around the world, iFill thrives with a diverse and multi-faceted team.  Great technology, great care and a commitment to excellence.

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